Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back to normal?

My mother's in Idaho with my sister and her family, and my husband's mom left this morning to go back to her home in Ohio, after two weeks here in the Northwest. She enjoyed it, and seemed to recover her strength during her stay at "Camp Philbin." Lots of walking and fresh air, which is the best way to do it for people in their 70's. Maybe for any age.
Many maintenance projects around here, but also free time with the beloved spouse!
Finally got back to a climbing workout, and am pleasantly sore. Went with a woman I've known for awhile but just never shared quite the same time window in which to connect. It was very enjoyable and not as difficult as I'd expected to get back on a rope. Must get in for a route-setting session soon, too.
To bed early, too tired to work on Don Q.


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