Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Traditional interruption

Seems like eons since I was here; we have been off to Ashland, Oregon, gorging on excellent theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We managed to get one mom to be in good health to go with us, and she was thrilled, at one point beyond words. She got selected randomly by a member of the cast doing a hilarious commedia dell'arte Italian play, "The Servant of Two Masters", to be involved as an innocent bystander, or rather bysitter. That's the risk when you are fortunate enough to get front row seats... My favorite production was a brand-new work, "Equivocation", by Bill Cain. The same cast is bringing it up here to Seattle at the end of its run, and I hope to be able to see it again. The OSF's version of "Don Quixote" received mixed reactions from our group, but I liked it. The production of MacBeth was a killer.
The weather down there was astoundingly gorgeous, even allowing us to sit outside in the evening at dinner, a rare treat for us folks from the great soggy northwest woods. We got in a couple of our favorite hikes, which were full of wildflowers and bluebirds, views of Mount Shasta, and lovely piney odors.
Everybody got to do enough of what they wanted so that all were quite content by the end of the trip.


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Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

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