Monday, August 24, 2009

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The friend with whom I participated in the casual climbing comp picked me up and we returned to try any of the remaining routes we could manage. Not too many, as it turned out, but still a pleasant way to stretch the body and move the blood around. She and I always have a good time.
Such a fantastically wonderful end of summer kind of day, with the slightly slanting golden light, and the shorter evenings coming on; our nonegenarian was inspired to do the longest walk she's taken in some time. Our neighbor who a year later is still recovering from a brain aneurism asked for help getting down her front steps so she could show us her almost one year old boy. He's doing well, a happy calm baby; helping her down, I was struck by the similarity of this 43 year old's needs to our 91 year old's. Perhaps obvious to others, but when you're sandwiched between two people 50 years apart who can't get downstairs by themselves, it's a bit of a wake up. Random nature of events, hard to prepare for them.


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