Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spotty reporting

Head seemed a bit clouded and muzzy, but it cleared up once I got up to the stretch of roof climbing at the gym. My new acquaintance was frazzled at first by being stuck in a hospital parking lot after visiting the new mother that morning; there was some kind of convention at the hospital complex, and the lot was gridlocked. Friday crosstown traffic here sucks anyway; no, crosstown movement here is always lousy. An hour or so of vigorous upward effort cleans away all kinds of bad residue in the brain.
Unexpected visit from beloved offspring, whom we treated to dinner.
Saturday kind of a lost one; fighting off some kind of bug, going through the motions. Distressing news about a climbing acquaintance, a guy experienced in backcountry travel who is late to return from a hike, a person who survived a grizzly attack several years ago; we hope he is found.


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