Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun and drama

Good morning climbing session with a friend I haven't seen for a bit; she claimed to be out of shape. That's about the only time I can keep up with her. We hope to be able to meet up next week.
Off to the the-ater in the evening with our beloved offspring; we saw Clifford Odets' "Paradise Lost", written in the 1930's. It was a bit on the quaint side at first, but its strange spirit grew on you as it gained momentum. Odets wrote it in response to the terrible toll the Depression was taking on people. He himself joined the Communist Party; horribly ironic that twenty some years later, he went before HUAC, named names, and disavowed his connection to the Commies. Many possibilities for that scenario, probably chief among them his need to make a living. Wonderful character named Mr. Pike, played by an enormous lumbering man whose crazy-sounding pronouncements made sense ultimately, and he addressed everyone as "Citizen." Of course there were things that still resonate in these hard times.
Good evening had by all.


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