Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The menu of the day

Wild swings, from warm sun to cold torrential precipitation; I managed to be out in every type. Found out that the vegan doughnut shop has something I found very edible: apple fritters, which are light, full of apples and cinnamon, and bearing a lovely glaze all over its lumpy surface. No wonder they sell out most days. Another discovery: A newish pizza place down by the lake, which according to vegan and vegetarian friends, has items they savored. I found they have items any omnivore would enjoy, too. While I was walking back up the hill carrying a little white pizza box, I got mobbed by a couple of crows. The first attack came from behind, as one of them knocked me on the top of the head with its feet and body. No blood drawn, but the glove had definitely been tossed. I turned around and shot an arm up at the next swoop, making it swerve, then stood and stared at the pair. They acted innocent, just hopping around on a telephone wire, but I knew they'd be back once I turned my back and started walking again. After a couple of steps, I whirled around, caught both of them heading for me, and diverted them by throwing a bit of pizza crust out into the street. The greedy things couldn't resist going after it. I crossed a busy street, and they didn't follow. Supposedly this is behavior they display while raising their chicks, but I wonder if that little white leftovers box was some kind of trigger.


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