Sunday, June 06, 2010


Sweet sort of a day, yesterday, sunshiney and warm; we decided to head over to the other house for a session of weeding and pruning. The kids had said they were heading out to climb, but they were still there, mowing and weeding. We joined in, and made sort of a dent in the appearance of the yard. We filled the yard waste container and then some. They planted bean seedlings, and hope to get some other items in before it's too late.
Reading about Goethe in the Naples, Italy area, how lush it was, how many harvests they got each year of all kinds of crops; makes you wonder about the climate in the late 1700's: Was it more idyllic, for all kinds of reasons? What he would think of the nightmare we have entered these days...


Blogger robin andrea said...

After spending the weekend in Sonoma County, I see why people flock there. It's lush and fertile. Climate has such a huge impact. My brother in Santa Cruz, and the kids in Sonoma are harvesting food already from their gardens. There's a bit of that going on here, but not like there. I remember that at the higher latitudes, the growing season is so much shorter.

Now, add climate change to the scenario and there's no way of knowing what will grow where and when. What would Goethe think of our nightmare? He'd probably cry as we do.

9:51 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

If the climate keeps warming up, the higher and cooler areas will become the growing areas. The lower lying ones will dry up.
Not sure about old Goethe, but he seemed to be lamenting overdevelopment back in th e18th century, so our world would seem a Hieronymous Boschian nightmare, I bet.

1:29 PM  

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