Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Misty morning

One of those marine push events occurred over night, providing free air conditioning for the area; I relish these, as it makes for a delicious contrast from the dessicating heat. Hard on folks up in the mountains, as it can bring on thunderstorms; there was a bad one last week in the Tetons, with numerous lightning strikes upon several people in large climbing parties. Turns out, of course, that they all went ahead despite worsening weather, and it was inevitable that something would happen. One young guy was knocked clean off the Owens/Spaulding Route and fell to his death, despite being tied into a rope; they think the lightning severed it. It brought on the largest and most complicated rescue effort ever done in the area. When my friend and I did the Grand Teton several years ago, our guide was adamant about planning escape routes in case of approaching storms, but it didn't sounds like these folks had any such plans.
Fine farmers' market as always; I run into people who complain about the market being "pricy." I repsond that you don't go there to feed a large family, rather to get small quantities of very fresh and wonderful food. Like those tomatoes from the other side of the mountains...


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