Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foggy start

Atmosphere misty, brain foggy, but the day turned into fabulous events. Beloved offspring took me up to Index for a day of climbing, and we hit several really good routes, easier ones for me, and a couple of toughies for him. It was an absolutely stellar day, sunshine and cooling breezes to offset the emanations of stored heat from the dark granite. One route took us up almost two hundred feet, and we could see the mountains across the way, crisp against the bluebird sky. At the end of the day, several rock climbing guys gathered and observed progress in our area of the Town Walls. Made me wish I could exist for a bit in a young male body capable of getting up those daunting cliffs.
Wonderful late dinner with beloved spouse, and eventually a set of fine live music at a place within walking distance of our home; to bed quite late. I will be feeling my inefficiencies on the wall tomorrow...


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