Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet again

Starting to rebuild the climbing fitness after another little setback; it's so strange that everything involved needs to be addressed yet again, from the psychological to the physical skills. Guess it's what keeps people either coming back or running away, screaming. You'd think some vestiges would remain, as they do in musical practice, but this sport is a strange one. It's like having to relearn the scales every time you are away for a bit.
Anyway, good session at the gym with our beloved son; he's such an amazing athlete, it's a privilege to watch him work out and take a few words of advice from him, however blunt.
Getting Holst's "Mercury" up a wee bit, about 126; if I am away from the chromatic runs I have to build those up again, as meticulously as possible. Boilerplate stuff for the fleet of finger, but as with climbing, I learn and relearn continually.


Blogger robin andrea said...

It's really remarkably impressive that you stick with it. The climbing sounds so arduous and difficult, and yet there you go.

7:49 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

It's as difficult as you let it be, Robin. Mostly it's a fabulous natural high! There was a man who climbed into his early 90's here, Stimson Bullitt, who once told me his most cherished accomplishment was being on Nixon's Enemy List! Not enough of htat caliber left these days...

6:57 PM  

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