Monday, July 11, 2005

Fun after all!

It's morning, or trying to be. Misty, chilly, weather that I'm told by one person in L.A. is coveted, by her, at least. Coffee, toast, another brownie, a banana, then chores; made a big batch of bread dough which I'll punch down, refrigerate and proof when I get back from the climbing gym. When I headed over there, it was drizzling and gray. Thought I'd just boulder around for an hour or so, but fortunately, a new climbing friend appeared, so we got to get some sort of workout. Got six or seven top rope routes in, ranging from 10c-12ish. It almost always cheers me up, even just a gym workout.
Tomorrow I hope to get out with our son and his friends on - gasp - real rock!! I'm feeling great anticipation over this. I do hope the weather cooperates tomorrow.


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