Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cruising around in paradise

Yesterday was our sweet kid's 28th birthday, which he celebrated with a bunch of friends at a pub called The Naked City Brewery. Sounds like many tasty brews were had by all; we toasted his birth at our nearby tiki restaurant. Around about the time I was hoisting the Wednesday margarita special last night, early evening, lo those many years ago, I was declared officially "in labor", a nebulous designation with no guaranteed end in sight. A mere three and a half hours later, our dear one arrived on this planet, in the middle of a heat wave. As years go by, I have even fewer reasons to regret reproducing. He's a keeper, like his wonderful dad.
The garden is springing upward, the corn may actually be knee-high to me, at least, by July 4th,
and I got another tomato plant, a cherry tomato, which, if nothing else produces, will give us some little salad garnishes.
Felt like a fish in warm coral seas all day as I walked around doing my errands; 83 degrees in the sun, cooling breezes in the shade. It could not have been more pleasant anywhere.
Am just about finished with John Updike's The Widows of Eastwick, a wonderful revisitation of the fictional Rhode Island town which his witches possessed many years ago. It's a very poignant work on aging, and not limited to the female point of view.


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