Saturday, September 19, 2009


A simple trip to the dentist turned out to be very stressful for our nonegenarian; teeth cleaning gives her the whim whams. Something dire always turns up in your mouth, when you get to a great age; everyone, visit your dentist, take care of your teeth. It's fricking hell to see them go one by one.
We saw the play based on Joan Didion's book My Year of Magical Thinking. As it was a one woman show, I had some worries about it, especially for one of our guests' sake. It was, I thought, quite good, and Didion's voice came ringing through the character's words. She lost her husband and daughter in the same year, and the work showed how someone who always worked to be strong and in control of her life was sideswiped to find she could be rendered helpless. "Life can change in an instant", but as she also said at the end about a daring feat of swimming she and her husband used to do on the Malibu beach, riding the swell into a cave, "He told me, 'Wait for the change, and go with it.'"


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