Saturday, September 05, 2009


A day of kind of waiting around, maintenancy little stuff done; swell walks for our nonegenarian, who will, along with the rest of us, have to steel herself for the sogginess that lies ahead. We watched an homage to Julia Child, chuckling away at her fruity intonation of funny asides, and her nonchalant sweeping of bits and pieces onto the floor behind her. Horror mounted in us as she manhandled the chorus line of raw chickens, then proceeded to touch everything around without washing her hands. Rueful moues when she went on about how poultry safety was so important, that she'd been reassured by the USDA that conditions were much improved, and if they weren't in your state, you should immediately write your congressmen about it; we've been back to the days of The Jungle or worse after the past eight years of Bush/Cheney.


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