Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time off for good behavior

It was a surprisingly pleasant afternoon, no rain until evening; lots of time for walking about and erranding. Part of the travel was by city bus, and there is always some kind of slice of life being served as you try not to be noticed by the crazies. A man and a woman got on about halfway through the trip, reeking of alcohol and looking worse for wear in general. Their ceaseless loud exchange left nothing to the imagination: She described how her nose, which he had broken during some kind of "freakout" was healing, but her shoulder still pained her mightily. She enquired of him how he could call her "baby" and tell her he loved her, after breaking her nose and damaging her shoulder. She repeatedly told him to "be a friend", and to stop calling her baby and proclaiming his love for her. If it was just sex he wanted, she told him, he could get that anywhere. (I silently gagged.) Oh, yeah, he answered, he sure could get sex anywhere - maybe anyWHERE, but not with anyONE!, thought I - then he said he had a ring for her. At this juncture, I hurried off the bus, as he said he hoped Bruce wasn't gonna be there since he wasn't drunk enough for that, and she giggled and said rum and coke slurpies sounded good. I only hope they are beyond reproductive age, they were a disaster unfolding. There were several more unhinged souls on the sidewalks, some quiet, or quietly muttering, or ranting. I think they were headed for the park with a beach on the sound.
As I passed by an outdoor store on my way to Fremont, I thought I'd take a peek. Some items for future use were in stock, including a pair of climbing shoes, the last pair my size. Climbing shoes get loved and used to shreds.


Blogger Springer Kneeblood said...

I often wonder, when I hear of such people, "what went wrong?" But then I think we could all end up like that, except for something that "went right" at just the right time. We could all be the crazies but for someone pulling us in from the ledge.

7:55 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Well, there are many ways people get damaged. These two in particular were Native Americans, a community which has suffered horribly ever since the Europeans landed on this continent.
Yes, we could all go awry. And the way things are going, there are already so many human wrecks of one stripe or another that it's like a black hole, so many to try to help.

10:52 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

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