Friday, April 16, 2010

Sproing, it's spring

From dripping, gray cold morning to wonderfully glaring afternoon sun; that's what we like. Nice long supply gathering walk, through neighborhoods I don't visit often. Everybody's late getting their gardens planted, due to our belated springtime. It always intrigues me the number of mini climates there are, going up one side of a big hill and down another. Their wisteria is farther along than in our area, and their tulips are blown. I've been seeing some interesting tulips lately that almost look like a tall version of a crocus, and appear to spread along the ground like a vine. Upon research, I found there are a couple of varieties, tulipa greigii and tulipa humilis, which fit this description. The humilis ones are an amazing pinkish/lavender with yellow centers, and really glow in the sunlight. Should be worth trying to find this fall for planting.


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