Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terrorist beauty queens

The brouhaha whupped up by tea bagger types over the Detroit-born, Lebanese-American Miss USA winner is stupid and hateful; big fucking surprise. (They are calling her "Miss Hezbollah.") When I asked a friend who was born and brought up in Beirut, Lebanon, what he thought of it, he said if the pageant had been held in Lebanon, a blonde would have won, which struck me as very funny. I have no idea what kind of person the new Miss USA is, but as for her appearance, it's tres exotique, and I would have loved to look like that when I was her age. Good old America, the food here nurtures all kinds of sports of nature.
Called an audible and hopped a bus downtown to the Pike Place Market to pick up a few gifts for friends. It was packed with tourists, especially around the seafood stand that throws fish around and horrifies mothers with geoduck syphons rampant. A quick trip, then back on a bus I'd never taken before, which turned out to be too circuitous a way home, so I wound up walking a fair distance from the south end of the University Bridge. The bus eventually would eventaully have gone to a ritzy neighborhood - those people deign to ride buses? - and one passenger, a preppy-dressed older fellow, was reading a book about the Shrub's daddy, George H.W. Bush. Wondered about whacking the guy over the head with his reading material. I got off long before I yielded to the temptation.


Blogger K. said...

She's pretty easy on the eyes. Not that it matters, but aren't many Lebanese Christian?

7:36 PM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Yes, many of them are Christians. But they LOOK like A-rabs! (To the rabid righties)

6:48 PM  

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