Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Misty morning breathing

Down in the 40's overnight, and rained away the whole night; still 100% humidity when I waited for a plumbing contractor to arrive at the kids' place. Could see my breath, steaming away into the drizzle.
By afternoon's farmers' market, there was some sun amidst the clouds, and a good market it was; the fish fellow was back, with freshly-caught king salmon and last week's catch just out of the smoker. That stuff is astoundingly good, it could turn a vegetarian with one taste. There were huge heads of red leaf lettuce at bargain prices; the farmer girl said it was about the only thing thriving. A family from another part of town was selling their own sauerkraut: plain, red, and kimchi varieties. They said it was "live food", probiotic, etc. It tasted wonderful. The caramel vendor was there, his molasses ginger flavor is fantastic, but very pricey. I might have to get some just to help the guy, he looks kind of forlorn. More stalls, more variety, so things are looking up.


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