Monday, August 16, 2010

Some relief

The heat wave is gradually easing off; mornings are pleasant, and I've been seeing more of them than I usually do. Two espresso machines bit the dust, so I've been rolling out into the not quite dawn's early light, more like a couple hours after, to stroll down to the nearby cafe for a blast of caffeine. One morning the young barista dude told me he had dreamed about his espresso machine the previous night; instantly curious, I asked if it was a good dream. "Oh, yes, " he responded, energetically. "See, I'm building my own machine, and I dreamed it was done!"
I've never heard of anyone building his own espresso machine, but I can see if you are a barista, you would want a good one. Coming from a childhood where my dad built everything from our bedside clock radios to the house stereo and even color televisions from Heathkits, I understand the lure of DIY. I don't really participate myself, but I do see its benefits.


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