Sunday, July 08, 2012

We are relatively delirious; summer has arrived, as of July 4.  It got to about 80 today, as we walked our asses off from our place out to Golden Gardens and back again.  We stayed along waterways, on the side of the streets that got the best breezes.  We indulged in a soft serve swirled ice cream cone, needing a dairy requirement for the day. I am happy to have endured some crappy wet and chilly days to finally have this paradisical state of affairs.  One can only look at the national weather map and marvel at our dumb luck; but it does proceed from dire developments.  We swim in sunny days with undercurrents of coolness due to the melting ice caps, the incipient Slushball Earth.  Satan devours the rest of the continent. 


Blogger robin andrea said...

We're in a bit of a heatwave right now, but for the most part summer has been surprisingly mild. Climate change seems to be having a very interesting effect on the west coast. Glad you got some sunshine and warm temps there. Enjoy it!

8:18 AM  

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