Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer's actually here

No rain... no misty morning. Lovely and breezy. Around noon our son took me off to a sort of local climbing crag about 30 miles east of here called Little Si. The climbing site is called World Wall I. It was cooler there and a bit more overcast than Seattle, perfect temperature for climbing. He threw me onto a fairly hard route for starters, which I kept coming off, but mananged to finish. The next 11ish route was also stiff for me, but I took a couple of laps on it, and improved in some places. After a bit of waiting while he and a friend did a really tough route, 13a, back we went on another 11ish one, which I couldn't quite get to the very end of. Just a matter of about 10 feet, but geeze....I guess I'm out of practice on real rocks. Well, heck, the first route we did, Psycho, I couldn' even get much past halfway on a couple of years ago, so I've improved somewhat from then. These routes were probably 75-80 feet or so long, and quite a workout.
We got home to find our dear dad and spouse had orderd a truly fabulous pizza, and all is well.


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