Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Lost post, lost summer, and "Lost" resumes tonight.
Two walks for Mother, late morning and late afternoon. Good climbing gym workout for me, with a couple of young female friends who perk me up. Painfully lovely day, which ebbed away into chilly cloudiness. My friend and neighbor with cancer is okay, but "grumpy," says she. I say, she's allowed to be grumpy. Another friend and neighbor has a dear old friend who's not doing well with his cancer, and sounds as if he's on the way out of this world. It seems to me we are too young for this to be starting, but perhaps I am deceiving myself about our ages. No, it's too soon. Time to start raging.
"Lost" consisted of a review session, which mashed developments from last season into one long confusingly smooshed blur. The actual starting episode of the new season was all right, but full of many more flashbacks. The voice over by Dr. Jack is dopey. I fear my only little TV perversion is getting diluted and dumbed down.
Big deal, if that's all there is to complain about.


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