Wednesday, September 14, 2005

High point of the week so far

Last night I arranged to give one friend a ride to the climbing gym, per our usual time, and to meet another one there. So we three wimmins will be training and having a good time, I hope. These two don't know each other, but I think they will like one another.
Turned out there was a fourth in our climbing party who paired up with the friend I carpooled with, so we elder stateswomen were on our own. A good session, although I attempted a route on toprope that the youngest of our foursome had led, and struggled mightily, coming off not many moves into it and sustaining a painful rope burn on my left forearm, as well as a blow to my energies. Naturally I had to get back on the stupid route, and not even halfway up I finally abandoned it. Well, I remain convinced that even these aborted attempts teach me something.
Back for another walk with my mother, and to savor the perfect late summer afternoon. Our friend's chickens have been molting for a while, and present a most pathetic image. My mother and I offer them words of comfort and cheer.
Once again, into the breach of poor sleep...


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