Thursday, August 13, 2009


Weeds in the garden are, with all the drizzling going on lately; not complaining, but it's alarming to see them sprouting into a prehistoric jungle. next there will be brontosauri grazing. That would be great, maybe they would scare off the raccoons, which are leaving piles of scat around to let us know they are here.
Swell afternoon of walking around, hunting and gathering; I left a message at the closest Whole Foods store that I will never shop there again, and am spreading the word about its greedy libertarian asshole owner, John Mackey, who spewed his right wing guts about Obama and healthcare reform on the Wall Street Journal opinion page the other day. Don't support this fucker. I occasionally went in there to find maple butter, but no more. It's worth a read, but I won't link the WSJ.


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