Thursday, September 24, 2009

From gray to day

Another little marine push, breaking the heat; the wine store guy said he'd had to rush to get some more rose to tide the store over through the last hot spell. People generally stop drinking roses after Labor Day, he told me. And one isn't to wear white after Labor Day; what bunch of retro fools made up these rules?
Happened to stop by a Trader Joe's while out on errands; mid afternoon, and the obnoxious cart jockeys were thronging the aisles. I remembered why I hate going in there, so many rude people running into the back of my legs. It's like a deli where they yell at you if you don't have your order ready when they want it; if you linger a bit looking at the cheese selection, some hard-driving female barges in front of you. I was just stepping up to try one of their in-store samples, and some thirty/fortyish woman literally jumped in front of me and snatched the last little sample; she had the nerve to turn around, look at me and go "Ha!" They did eventually put out more samples; the guy behind the counter looked at me and shrugged, shaking his head. Sheesh. We've not even reached food shortage crisis levels, and the well-fed are already berserking. Glad for a pleasant evening and dinner later on.


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