Friday, October 16, 2009

Looming gloom

So dark in the morning, no one wants to get out of bed; we're rolling late. So much rain, yet weirdly mild; you can almost feel the mold growing everywhere. It takes a major cheerleading effort to get people rousted and moving, but we manage, even unto a hairdo event.
Late rolling evening, as we head over to a young friend's 27th birthday celebration, at the venue of his choice, a divey joint which features karaoke. We intended to make a short stay in honor of the birthday personage, but pleasant conversations and the lure of the microphone sireened us. The birthday boy's mother was encouraged to go up for her first karaoke session ever, and she had fun. The birthday boy gave an astounding performance art level rendition of an Alice Cooper song, "Feed My Frankenstein", which beggars description; he growled, he strutted, he howled, and yet remained melodious. His very sweet-looking girlfriend looked stunned, I thought, as the rest of us exploded with glee and appreciation. My personal choices of "Since I Fell for You" and the Beachboys' "The Warmth of the Sun" were archaically tame, but very fun to try. Beloved offspring delivered "Happiness is a Warm Gun", a John Lennon classic which is a bit tricky. One of their friends and former classmates, who is now an obstetric nurse, belted out Alannis Morisette's "You Oughta Know"; wow. And she had helped to deliver five babies a day or so ago. Woman's got energy! Once again, as at last year's similar celebration, I was struck by the democratic atmosphere of the place, and the tolerance; there's one guy who ALWAYS sings
Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", and another who batters a song so hard no one really knows what it is. Karaoke's a great leveler.


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