Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drear and chill

And predicted to worsen; we either succumb to its dire effects, or rally. Indoor marching about was in order, and chair exercise. If we were into tatting, the place would be festooned. Late afternoon delivery of a surprise from a friend provided a sugar rush, unnecessary but enjoyable.
Not far away a venerable Northwest maple which was almost a century old was cut down. One of its dying limbs has long hung over the sidewalk like the embodiment of doom, and the homeowner told me as I walked by that he'd been worried about for some time. It was an amazing old hunk of life that defied gravity for as long as I can remember.


Blogger robin andrea said...

Always sad to see those old trees go down. Better to be taken down, though, than to go crashing in a storm. Although, I guess if the tree had a choice...

8:13 AM  

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