Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting over

Whacked again by the boomerang virus; the day blurs by. Fresh air seems to help, so we keep as much of our regular routine as possible. Gray skies, wind and rain. The earthquake in Haiti is a nightmare, even from afar. Watching a bit of the news on the British station, the horror was compoounded by one of the manifestations of overpopulation and its ensuing poverty: Les bon bons du terre, or "dirt cookies." In the slums in Haiti, huge shanty towns full of half-starved people, women buy dirt trucked in from the countryside to produce dirt cookies. They're dried mud, and sold for a nickel apiece to mostly children. It's sometimes all they get to eat.
This island needed family planning long ago, and the religious groups which have been there proselytising and not providing birth control should be thrown out. Now they have had the worst kind of population control.


Blogger robin andrea said...

You articulate exactly what I feel when I see the photos coming out of Haiti. The hellish poverty there has been their ongoing nightmare. The earthquake just brought the cameras in for a close up of the pain. It's unbelievable.

Hope that virus clears up, isabelita, and you get some much-needed sunshine.

8:42 AM  

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