Monday, April 19, 2010

Running behind the time

Always the day after here lately; have to sleep on the previous twenty four hours' worth of life, I guess. We had a wonderfully warm Sunday, fine for moving the old limbs around. The two surviving chickens across the street had managed a coop break, and it fell to me to shoo them back inside their back yard. Tricked them by flinging a couple of baby slugs for them to munch, and they galloped after the airborn gastropods.
Many little boy denizens out mucking around with a parent in tow. This block is full of boys, aged infant to teen; there's one little girl, about ready for kindergarten. Nerf footballs were flying, and a little brother was being watered along with the tulips.
Evening tristesse, until beloved offspring's beloved girlfriend came by to borrow a pizza pan, and invited me over to try the results; delicious, naturally.


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