Saturday, September 18, 2010

Continuing pangs

Still many reminders of my mother's life with us around here; her new place doesn't have much room for stuff, and although she arrived here with not much more than a traveling bag and a coat, she acquired a number of artifacts, much of it mail from family, former co-teachers and old neighbors. There is a small drift of it, portions of which she used to read and re-read every day. She's starting a new one up there.
Unusually late night for me, as friends had invited us weeks ago to see a traveling stand-up comedy show called "Arabs Gone Wild." As the comics themselves explained, they were operating on "Arab time", which evidently is slower than regular time, a phenomenon that can be found in various other parts of the planet. So it started late and went late. They were a quartet of Arab-Americans, with humor varying from unfunnily cruel to enjoyably satirical. The crowd was something; evidently the Arab community in Seattle has money, and they wore it from head to toe.
We made our way home in our friends' small VW, a little boat on turbulently streaming streets traveling from downtown over West Queen Anne, to our neighborhood.


Anonymous Phil said...

Reminds me - I should send a card from here. Something cheesy, or beer-y.

12:56 PM  

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