Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Improving connection

Our nonegenarian is doing better, according to her caregivers and my observations; she's rested enough to comment that things get a bit boring, but that people are nice, and she likes the other two little old ladies who are her housemates with whom she can chat. Thursday will be hair do day, which she has always enjoyed.
Very last farmers' market in our shopping district, and probably the final one forever; the disagreement with nearby merchants was never resolved. So, last call for fresh bagels, German butterball potatoes, tomatoes that taste like something, huge ears of yellow sweet corn, last of the harvest and sweet as can be; the dairy fresh "crack" butter, reputed to be so delicious people have eaten it all at one meal, which is probably hyperbolic but accurately describes its flavor. No more oddly-voiced older hippy guitar player who knows all the songs of my youth and college years; his gravelly tonsils did Joni Mitchell justice.
Walked home in full low-angling sun, almost sweating.


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