Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yo yo weather again

Swinging in and out of wet and dry, warmer than usual but occasionally throwing in a coldish night to remind of us of what lies ahead; it's still been pleasant enough for long walks. We had a fine one over the weekend, complete with salted caramel soft ice cream for lunch, an utterly decadent but dairy requirement-covering item. We skirted the strange Oktoberfest thingy going on, including its Miss Buxom Contest, which was won by a portly fellow this year; missed the chainsaw pumpkin carving competition, too. Visited our nonegenarian, who is sleeping better and seems a bit more alert; gotta take this day by day.
Taking a break from the Perec tome, have dived into a more current novel titled The Bastard of Istanbul, by a young woman whose name escapes me. Not exactly heavy weight, but funny and engaging. Beloved son loaned me Miles Davis's autobiography, which contains many creative uses of the word "motherfucker." Got several kinds of bases covered with this material.


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luvs the miles davis book

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