Thursday, December 02, 2010

Moving along

Seems like we've had lots of music-related time lately, with daily practicing, rehearsals, and more to come before the next concert. A clarinet cohort and I had our own practice session, which was vey useful for mainly tuning purposes; it's very hard, if not impossible, to hear the section during whole band rehearsal and adjust accordingly. It is maybe the poor accoustics in our practice space, and not incipient deafness.
On a walk to get food, I went around part of the lake; along the way I saw numerous waterfowl, including a gorgeous Great Blue Heron, who was voguing on a partially submerged log. At first glance, his silhouette resembled a strangely shaped branch, but he moved, eventually, and revealed himself - or herself - and began grooming. Next along the path was what looked like a Cooper's Hawk, sitting on a bare branch and fluffed against the chilly air. The third wonderful sighting was an eagle perched on the highest treetop over on Duck Island. More delightful was the fact they were all still there upon my return home; fresh air and beautiful birds.


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