Sunday, October 24, 2010


Managed to shake off this fricking cold enough to visit my mom yesterday, who was in good spirits all things considered. Went out for a short visit to a fellow band person and her partner's new home not too far from us; they moved up from Noe Valley in San Francisco, and seem to be settling in nicely.
Joined other band mates with whom I've spent some time, attending a concert over on the east side. My section leader plays in the wind orchestra, and they put on a really fine performance. My favorite was a Hindemith symphony which a couple other people and I were very affected by, and others were not so much; Hindemithers and non-Hindemithers. It was an amazing, chills-inducing work for me.
We stepped out afterwards, me and the guys, for a beverage and a bite at a nearby pub. For some reason the topic of drinks featuring Bailey's Irish Cream came up, and I mentioned Irish Car Bombs. One guy looked up other possibilities on his phone, and up popped a doozy: the Cocksucking Cowboy. They asked the waitress if she had ever heard of it, showing her the drink listed on the phone, not reading it aloud. Oh, yes, said she, it's made thus and so, with a float of Bailey's, which evoked some stifled chuckles and comments. None of us wanted to try the concoction, but even such an experienced group as ourselves was a bit amazed.
Just looked up that drink: It uses butterscotch schnapps and Bailey's. Urp.


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