Monday, January 03, 2011

Climbing fool

Training like crazy already indoors; perhaps I'll get to use the fitness eventually. Seems as if 2010 was a year of leaving for many people, whether via break-ups or new places to live; I hope not many of them wind up out of town permanently.
Concert band rehearsals started again this week, and we were handed a pile of music by French composers; hilarity ensued when everyone got lost in the minisculely-printed "Bolero" score. We must overcome its new set of challenges, which include keeping track of repeating notes for measure after measure after... it has always sounded not too difficult to the ear, but when you're trying to learn it, that's a whole other bowl of beans.
Back to the soggy gray of real winter, and the ladies up north were dozy and bemused this morning. Maybe they need some anti SAD lights. I'll take chocolate.


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