Friday, September 23, 2005


Well, dang. Wanted to get in one last climbing gym workout this week, but one of our cars wasn't functioning this morning, so unless I can carpool with someone, I'm out of luck for this afternoon. I'd ride my bike, but the traffic these days freaks me out.
Late-breaking miracle! The friend I have given many rides to called up and said she had a company truck at her disposal, so she came and picked me up to go to the gym. We had a nice easy workout, and I didn't have to drive.
A pleasant evening wore away. Watched an Inspector Linley mystery with my mother to help her keep track of its polt developments. She likes watching PBS Mystery, but is having trouble keeping on top of the stories. The British patter and lousy sound editing - you can hear thunderous footsteps while characters are exchanging important dialogue - making said dialogue very difficult to understand, even for those of us with fairly fleet faculties, all combines to cause confusion. Now I remember my parents watching them together, and my dad grousing about how he couldn't understand much of it, although that was exacerbated by his failing hearing.
So sleepy.


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