Thursday, September 22, 2005

To the dentist again, full speed ahead

We're heading downtown to our dentist for the repair of yet another crumbling tooth in my mother's head. This has been a mildly traumatic experience for her on our previous several trips, so I hope this goes better. We've certainly had enough practice.
All went well, and I was able to spend some time at Iwajimaya's, having a couple of humbow and cruising around looking at stuff. One item I was NOT so thrilled to see was a nicely shrink-wrapped package of - pig snouts. Yes, several cut off pig noses, mashed up against the plastic like kids at a candy store window, only they were inside looking out...wish I had had a camera.
The sight badly dampened any desire to buy food.
Later, after we got home, I went for a run and workout. Lovely cool breezy afternoon. On the way home, I passed a moving van with a young tough-looking young black guy standing by, loading or unloading. He smiled, I smiled back and said hi, and he said,"Enchante." What a sweet unlooked for event.
Sweet night time walk with the beloved spouse.


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