Saturday, September 24, 2005

Weekend meandering

Beloved spouse got the misbehaving car jumped, and asked if I had any errands he could run, oh, say, out towards Northgate, a shopping mall with surrounding big box stores. I happened to mention a need for a small vacuum cleaner, and that a Best Buy consumer emporium was out that way. Off he flew, claiming he just hated to go there, grinning maniacally. I fear he is in the grips of a bout of consumeritis, which is only worsened when the sufferer buys things.
Got a message from beloved spouse via my mother, who came out on the porch to call to me, as I was pruning a tree, that our son had called, although it was really beloved spouse; similar voices. The battery had drained, and he was stuck in the Best Buy parking garage with no jumper cables. so I headed out, had to go back streets due to traffic on the freeway approaches being screwed up because of the stupid Huskies football game. By the time I got there, he'd purchased a new battery and had switched out the old one. We caravaned homeward, burning precious gasoline. He'd gotten a swell looking little Shark vacuum, which looks like a Mini Me version of C3PO.
Yet another paradisical afternoon. Grilled fresh halibut for dinner.
Lovely evening.


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