Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cat warming up

Our cat seems to have been sneaking looks at Jack London short stories; he siezes every opportunity to meld his form against ours for maximum heat. Best we can do in terms of love from cats, I suppose.
Late evening hot chocolate run, probably foolhardy. We pass a passle of young guys bopping around to the strains of hip hop blaring from a car. This is atypical of our neighborhood, but then there aren't so many teenagers near us.
Later in the evening, odd strains of Christmas music seem to be blowing up from Lake Union, a mile plus south of us, as well as honking and hooting of...boat horns? Maybe the Christmas Boats were giving a light display down by Gasworks Park.
A noisy night.


Blogger JS said...

Late evening hot chocolate sounds should be available here, but have not seen any. Last night in the little lakeside town in Mexico where we are spending the holidays, the blaring music, fireworks, and hoots from teenagers kept up until well after 3:00 am. I think the Mexican teens have taken a page from their formerly more boisterous U.S. cousins. Please tell Phil it's time for another kayak adventure in Mexico.

6:53 AM  

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