Saturday, April 19, 2008


Our resident nonegenarian likes little chocolate muffins for breakfast; strangely, although they've almost always been available at a nearby supermarket, the bakery manager there told me they've become wildly popular, and get cleaned out practically the moment they arrive. We went off in search of any suitable product, walking under a terribly threatening sky full of what looked like thunderclouds, probably full of hail. As they started hemmorhaging upon us, we took refuge in a cafe we used to visit in our personal days of yore, reknowned for its vegetarian menu. They had a postum latte listed, which I hadn't had since I was pregnant and very concerned about the effects of caffeine on my burgeoning baby. The drink went nicely with one of their seriously whole wheat cinnamon rolls, shared, and sustained us through the cold wind and spatterings we headed into to get home.
So we can sit around and whimper about this environment, or go out into it and whimper.


Blogger KEN said...

Mmmm, chocolate muffin. I allow myself one on a rainy help me through.

6:45 PM  

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