Thursday, December 17, 2009

So tired

Cold viruses evidently affect people's brains, and wackiness ensues. Welcome getaway in the afternoon, although it wore me out, bouldering for an hour or so. Good to get out and walk for a while, the day was mild and not so wet.
Got a few small pieces of holly with berries from a neglected hedge, and we are holiday decking.


Blogger robin andrea said...

I'm sorry that wackiness has ensued. I do understand, though. Lately, on the phone, my mom has not sounded like herself, at all. Sad.

Hope your holiday decking went well.

12:42 PM  
Blogger isabelita said...

The poor old dears, they can seem strong but be so easily tipped out of balance...
Well, let's see, I put the holy in my old grape vine wreath, then found some nice eucalyptus bits to add. That's my decking!

9:21 PM  

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