Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun fix

Seemed too long since the last climbing session, and even that not out on real rocks, but we had a good time. Somehow got encouraged to try a lead a bit harder than I usually do, and despite a scary move or two, I got the rope up for us to try it again on toprope. Always amazes me how a fairly simple act can brighten my outlook. A fellow we have seen at the gym appeared to be a bit on the down side, since his usual climbing partners had escaped the workaday world and were aid climbing a big wall in Yosemite. He told us had lived there for a year when he was twenty, working scut jobs so he could stick around and climb. He advised my friend and me to get down there, preferably to Tuolomne Meadow, where there aren't as many waddling tourists taking snapshots and getting back on the bus.
Fine musical practice today, my face doesn't feel as if it's one big cramp; perhaps that indicates progress.


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