Friday, January 07, 2011

Grab bag

A week's flown by; we're threatened by snow for tomorrow night, Tuesday, which may cancel band rehearsal. Dang, I was just getting the unison clarinet melody down in "Bolero."
We had a swell walk over the weekend, about nine miles up to a conservatory on Capital Hill; beloved spouse hadn't been there for ages, took his camera, and got some wonderful images. It was sunny and very cold, so we still appreciated the heat and humidity of the big old greenhouse. It's a comforting place on the absolutely gray wet blanket days we have here for months on end in the winter and early spring. The old steam pipes gave off groans and thumps like the radiators in an old apartment building, only on a much grander scale.
Hope the inclemencency holds off past noon tomorrow, as I have volunteered to lead the ladies at the home in some chair exercising. I don't drive if the white stuff is sticking, since people go insane and have accidents all over the place.
Onward in Woolf's short fiction...


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