Saturday, July 28, 2012

various fauna

One sort appeared as I was walking up a hill one sunny day last week; they were wheeling about in a car, yelling, and, as I found out, were insane.  They pulled a u-turn on a busy arterial, sped up towards me, and next I heard the sound of a bottle rocket. It was aimed at me, and its whine and explosion missed me by a few feet.  The passenger who shot it was screaming, his face a nasty rictus, wearing what looked like a big gold crown on his stupid shitty head.  And off they flew.
Later in the week, I was walking along the lake and went out onto a dock.  A stream of bubbles was passing under it, and I peered down into the water to see what was making it; the two huge shadowy fish swimming in tandem at first reminded me of sharks, but that wasn't likely.  They had to be a couple of the giant brown carp which reside in this little body of water. Off they wended into the weeds.
Finally, there was a monarch butterfly in our back garden; must have been blown off course.


Blogger robin andrea said...

What a horrible experience that first brush with various fauna was. Such a nightmare in a flash. Glad the encounters were much calmer.

7:48 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Ironically, I had that bad experience after opting not to walk up through a wooded area which is often frequented by men looking for anonymous gay sex in the shrubbery; I thought it might be creepy to go through there by myself.
Ah, city living!
Most of the time it's fine and uneventful, but now and then...

9:42 PM  

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