Saturday, February 08, 2014

On the bus

Been taking a nearby bus up to visit my mother when I don't have a car.  The 358 runs up Aurora Avenue North to the Shoreline area. "Aurora Avenue" is a poetic-sounding moniker for a really hideous drag that goes on up to the Canadian border; it is in fact Highway 99, and runs south into California as well.  There may be more scenic stretches of 99 elsewhere. The particular stretch I have come to know rather more intimately than I would have liked serves a very desperate, vulnerable and needy population of human beings; also a goodly number of dirtbags and scoundrels, which I have no problem mentioning.  The needy range from handicapped people in wheelchairs, to elderly folks I cannot imagine managing the logistics of getting to and from the bus stops on a regular basis.  Sometimes there are parents with kids.  Often there are drunk and/or drugged out people, carrying on, transacting drug deals, menacing one another, or just generally talking shit.  One young woman was discoursing loudly the other day about a band she liked: "They're an Aryan Nation German metal band!  I just don't listen to the words, their music rocks!"  I had to get a glimpse of who would say such a thing; she was a brown-skinned Asian-looking woman wearing a furry cheetah hat.  Only in America?!
Ah, such dialog I hear on this bus;  Tarantino would be envious...


Blogger robin andrea said...

Sounds like quite a journey. It's so interesting to get a glimpse of lives lived so differently from our own.

8:29 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Frankly not so much interesting as it is heartbreaking and frightening, Robin. It should be required for all legislators and people who have grown rich on the backs of these folks to ride with them for a while.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Actually, 99 is a Washington state route designation, not a US. Nonetheless, I think California has an analogue.

Do you remember when we were in Bowling Green and that Nome, Alaska schoolteacher pulled in at DJ's having ridden a bike from Seattle? Mark and I worked on the bike, a Raleigh International she'd bought at Aurora Cycle. We (Mark & I) fantasized about what kind of marvelous bike shop would be called "Aurora".

10:21 PM  

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