Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New devices

Much matter has gone beneath the bridge; the maimed laptop finally gave out in a slow demise of clogged electrons, or something.  Now getting accustomed to a relatively tiny device, a Kindle.  Actually the touch screen typing is about my speed, as in what would constitute flunking in a secretarial class, but that' s all right. Only time I ever took a typing class, the nice older lady instructor told me I was way too anxious to do well.
Now is the dark, sodden, cold winter of this neck of the woods; perfect atmosphere for reading grim tales from China Mieville and Joyce Carol Oates.  He' s amazing, but she in her broad and deep intelligence could show him a swathe of things...


Blogger robin andrea said...

I have wondered about getting a tablet or Kindle. Not sure about the touchscreens though. They seem very touchy to me!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It was a bleak, rainy one here too!

7:56 AM  

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