Monday, September 05, 2005

No word from the North...

At last I accomplished several consecutive hours of sleep. Still no news from the mountaineering kids.
Walked with mom after breakfast. A chilly morning slowly warmed up. After getting her lunch, we took off mid afternoon to see some musical acts at Bumbershoot. First was a young, energetic albeit not really polished group, Los Amigos Invisibles, who are from Caracas, Venezuela, currently living and working in NYC. They weren't the most solid of musicians, but they infected the crowd with their crazy South American funkified salsa whatever, and had us all jumping and dancing like fools. Hand drummer dude was adorable... Next up was a young soul singer and her group, Choklate. One of her back up singers was a young woman we knew from a group several years ago, as was the keyboard player. Kind of an uneven set of songs, but Choklate has a good voice, kind of a more melodic Erika Badu thing going on.
The third group we saw, Brazilian Girls, took me by surprise as their set went on. I'd heard music from a CD of theirs, and thought it was sort of pleasant "world music" type stuff. Well, they are really solid musicians, and the female vocalist is a fricking kick in the butt. Quite a presence, good voice, and full of wicked humor. One song was called "Pussy Pussy Pussy Marijuana." Um, you had to be there, it was delightful. She then dedicatd a song called "Dance till the Morning Comes" to New Orleans, and it was soulfully trippy. Have to say, she won me over.
There was one more group scheduled, Michael Franti and Spearhead, but we decided to call it a day. We'd been there for five very pleasant hours, and needed to get home.
Around 10:00, the beloved son returned. They got snow up there, but had the good sense to back off about 800 feet from the summit to avoid an epic. The guys were considerate of a third climber who hadn't had much experienc rappelling in such conditions with the exposure you find in alpine environments. Good guys.


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