Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Missed El Dia de los Muertos

Too preoccupied with goings on in D.C. Good on Harry Reid; just wish he weren't a right-to-lifer.
We have right to life at the far end of the spectrum here, the old people whom the Republicans would happily put out on an ice flow to avoid paying for their Social Security and Medicaid. Got my mom off to Hairdo Day yesterday, where there was a quorum of LOL's - Little Old Ladies. They are such plucky individuals. There was a jolly discussion about the hideous rain bonnet my mother has. I am certain it dates from the mid 1950's, and she won't part with it. When we went over to the QFC to shop, we saw two other LOL's with the same vintage of rain bonnets upon their little heads! A septegenarian bagboy escorted us out to the car, opening the door courteously for my mother. He told us he lost his mother at a relatively early age, and never got to baby her, so he would do so for my mother. Such a sweety.
This morning I went off early to route set and climb a bit with a new friend who is going to Germany tonight to spend a couple of weeks with her grandmother in Stuttgard. Got my route up, stripped one, climbed, then test climbed one that another routesetter had just completed. Got home, walked 8 blocks with my mom, walked to the store, and that was the day. It's already dark by 5:30, especially in this gloomy wet weather.


Blogger Frida said...

What would you have done for El Dia d Los Muertos? I picnic at a grave.

7:22 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

There are some observances here in Seattle - maybe I'd have gone out to my favorite mexican restaurant and had a margarita. I am not Mexican American, so have no religious or spiritual ties to the day, but I'm not scornful of it. When I taught elementary school kids, they liked learning about El Dia de los Muertos.

12:10 PM  

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