Friday, January 05, 2007

Will my hairdo blow away?

My mom braved gale force gusts to get to the hair salon today. We parked almost a block away, and when we blew in the door, her stylist scolded me in her quiet way for not parking right out in front. That would have entailed a perfect parallel parking job into the one tight spot available, right on 45th Street, which is one of the insufficient number of cross town routes in this part of Seattle, and is always busy. I'm good, but not that good. Under pressure I tend to get klutzy while parallel parking. My mother remarked that she thought the wind was invigorating, and off they went to the sink. The wind was at our backs on the way home.
Someone made off with a plasticized kidney from a bizarre touring exhibit featuring preserved Chinese cadavers in various poses, purportedly celebrating the human body. This kidney, a child's, was in the "hands-on" part of the show. There has been controversy about the origins of the bodies, and there is mounting evidence that the Chinese government used executed citizens and such to come up with enough for what looks to me like a somewhat grander version of a freak show tent in a traveling carnival. At 25 bucks a pop, it's proving quite lucrative for the people running it. That kidney is still out there, and the exhibit operators are claiming it's worth $1,000. There's a $10,000 reward! The operators are being noncomittal about where the bodies actually came from. My spidey cynic sense is tingling, and I think these guys are shady. But hey, that's the 'free market" for ya. And those cadavers are the perfect workers, earning 0 bucks per hour.


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