Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drama in the skies

Huge chiarascuroed clouds swept across bright blue skies; we see them piling up over the mountains to the east. There were 17 inches of snow in the North Cascades, and crazy 'boarders skipping school and work to slog up the slope for an hour, only to slip down the heavy wet stuff for about thirty seconds.
In limbo reading-wise; pulled out a collection of Haruki Murikami short stories which I don't remember ever seeing. A few of them are related to one of his novels, The Wind-Up Bird Chronical, but the rest seem unfamiliar. They're odd, have a kind of down the rabbit hole quality to them, and one of them is so frightening I'm having a hard time putting it out of my mind; getting to the point where that's not so good for bedtime reading.


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